We choose to use for our windows and doors, hardware manufactured by MACO Österreich.

MACO is a leading manufacturer of high-quality hardware, and your windows are safe and unique.

The Maco Multi Matic system provides an excellent functionality for all products, including windows and doors with large dimensions and weights.

All gaskets are processed with the latest technology and are resistant to humidity, weathering and are also durable.

All Plast Technik plastic material windows with two folding wings are standardly equipped with a folding wings opening mechanism.

Our rotating and tilting Plast Technik windows are standardly equipped with a wrong counter-action mechanism and micro-ventilation.

Due to the wrong counter-action mechanism the windows will always be handled correctly and will remain calibrated for a longer time.

The built-in scissor blade and turning the handle in a 45° position makes a window opening of 10-13mm in the folded position. This facilitates optimal and safe ventilation of the space.

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