PVC and Aluminum Doors and Windows QUALITY AND SUSTAINABILITY

Services offered by Plast Technik

Our engineers perfected everything to the smallest details in order to produce safe systems you can rely on in line with your expectations and requirements.


We offer quality services, reliable and clear information, fast feedback and delivery of services according to the standards expected by the customer.


In order for our products to meet the customers need, we offer technical consultancy so that our products fit his requirements.


Using customized computer-sided design services, we offer precise and resistant thermally insulated doors and windows.


Our maintenance service offers confidence through fast and reliable response and high quality repairs.

Advantages we offer

The values on which our business is based on speaks of advantages of products have to offer

assuring quality, functionality, aesthetics and our strength.



Plast Technik offers you the most sustainable and the highest thermally insulated PVC and Aluminum systems available on the Romanian market.

We offer you:

Profiles with 5 or 7 chambers of thermal insulation
Thermally insulating glass LowE
Inert gas (Argon)



We offer you the best anti-burglary protection by designing you the ideal window in order for you to feel safe.

Our windows and doors are built with anti-burglary security strike plates and Secustik window handler from Hoppe.



The performances of different types of thermally insulated windows are highlighted by the thermal transfer coefficient Ug.

The lower this coefficient is, the lesser the loss of heat and the more efficient the thermal insulation is.



The time when windows had exclusively white frames have long gone.

Color your house and life with the ideal windows because:

You can have any color
It gives your home a unique appearance
It can be assorted
It has a simple appearance



Aesthetics and functionality are two characteristics on which you should take in consideration when you build your own home.

We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by following:

PVC Profiles Exclusive class A
Lift and Slide Gliding Doors

Our Partners

Every customer of our company receives the guarantee that he invested in a valuable quality product.

The reason is the selection of our suppliers from Europe

Work Process

Our team of specialists at Plat Technik works at the highest standards to offer you high-quality products and services. We offer customized computer-aided design services, using professional equipment to make precise and resistant doors and windows. Moreover, by the maintenance services we assure the sustainability and good operation of PVC and aluminum doors and windows. The work process is computerized, which facilitates the quality and precision of execution.

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