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Plast Technik windows with PVC profile

Plast Technik windows and doors represent more than a product that separates our living space from the external world: they offer a comfortable feeling of wellness, durability, safety and a good investment.

Plast Technik windows with PVC profile

Our products offer an extremely reduced thermal transfer thanks to the technique with more chambers of profile, creating a pleasant and warm atmosphere. It also offers you safety because our windows are equipped with anti-burglary handles and hardware and for special needs anti-burglary glass.

Our range of products presents a diversity of profiles for frame and folding wings extremely varied configured accessories and offers you freedom of creation in your own style: white or colored with characteristic details such as ornaments, special forms such as round windows, rectangular constructions, pavilion.


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Description of product

  • profile system with 70mmm basic installation depth – featuring center seal;
  • average thermal transfer coefficient Uw = 0.73W/mp*K when using triple glazing with Ug =0.4W/mp*K;
  • the 3-level seal gives you the ideal insulation value and helps reduce heating costs and external noise;
  • thickness of PVC walls 3 mm, exclusive superior class A;
  • long life, reinforced with zinc-plated steel of 1.5mm and 2mm;
  • available with double or triple glazing (24mm, 32mm, 40mm);
  • wide range of Renolit colors.


The 82MD system is an innovative profile system adjusted to all requirements which have to be fulfilled by the modern PVC windows of the future.

  • 82mm installation depth – with universal mounting for new and renovated constructions;
  • Glazing possibility from 24mm up to 52mm;
  • Insulation values of up Uw=0.67W/mp*K when using highly insulating triple glazing with Ug=0.4W/mp*K;
  • Glass penetration of 25 mm reduces heat transfer;
  • Superior Class A with 3mm wall thickness;
  • The 3-level seal gives you the ideal insulation value and helps reduce heating costs and external noise.

Salamander BluEVOLUTION 73

The Salamander 73mm depth with 5 chambers and 2 levels of seal, allows modern solutions for designing a window and door which assure you an excellent thermal and noise insulation.

The ingenious structure of the profile with large steel reinforcement provides you an exceptional stability and safety in operation for windows and doors.

It is used in manufacturing: windows with simple opening, sliding doors, and simple doors.

  • Round shape of glass beading for double glazing;
  • Easy maintenance of these types of profiles;
  • Suitable for double or triple glazing 24mm or 44mm;
  • Delivered in a wide rage of Renolit colors;
  • Thermal insulation can be from 1.3W/mp*K up to 0.9W/mp*K when using highly insulating triple glazing.

Salamander BluEVOLUTION 82 MD

BluEvolution 82MD is a 6-chamber system which represents one of the state-of-the-art technologies available now in PVC manufacturing. The 82mm depth and reinforcements of generous size and the superior properties of thermal and acoustic insulation achieved by the 3 level of seal, leads this profile to the top performance in his field.

The high resistance of the BluEvolution 82MD series makes possible to use glazing with 4 layers of glass.

  • Available in the version of 6 chambers of acoustic and thermal insulation;
  • Acoustic insulation 36dB to external noise;
  • Constructive depth of profile: 82mm;
  • Height of profile combination: 118-168mm;
  • Thermal insulation of the profile: Uf=1.142W/mp*K with standard reinforcement;
  • System with 3 level of seal;
  • Anti-burglary resistance Class 2 (DIN V ENV 1627);
  • Reinforcement treated with zinc-plated steel minimum 1.5-2mm;
  • Glazing from 24mm (double) up to 48mm (triple).

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